Amazing and Interesting Facts About India

Some amazing facts about India

Some interesting facts about India with pictures that will make you feel proud to be an Indian.

  • Indian army is the third largest active army after United States & China.India Army Pics

Image by DNA India

  • India Post Office Network​ has the largest Postal Network in the world with 154,965 Post Offices (as on 31.03.2017) of which 139,067 are in the rural areas.

Indian Post Office

Photo from Wikipedia

  • India’s Chail Cricket ground, surrounded by thick forests of deodar, is the highest cricket ground in the world, which was built in 1893 and it is located at an altitude of 2,444 metres.

Chail Cricket Ground


Image by Sportskeeda

  • Invention of Shampoo is an Indian concept. The word shampoo entered the English Language is itself derived from the Sanskrit word champu, which means to massage.

Concept of Shampoo


Image from Pinterest

  • The name of India is derived from Indus (river), which originates from the Old Persian word Hindus.

Image from YouTube

  • The crowd of Kumbh Mela is so massive which is visible from the space too.

Image by Theatlantic

  • In 1980, Ariane Passenger PayLoad Experiment, APPLE, the first satellite of India was transported on a bullock cart for testing. And it was successfully launched by Ariane-1, from Kourou, French Guiana on June 19, 1981.

Image from Reddit

  • Chess also known as Chaturanga is one of the oldest games, originated in India before the 6th century AD. and it is believed that Persians created a more modern version of the game after the Indians.

Photo by The Vintage News

  • Chai (Tea) is India’s National Drink. After China, India is the largest producer of tea in the world.

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