B-Boy Show-Rez Performance on BATA FASHION EVENT

B-Boy/Breaking Dance Performance by Show-Rez

For the launching the event of Bata New Collection, b-boy Show-Rez was hired for solo performance wearing Bata’s new footwear, called  “North start“.

The performance has to be done on ramp walk type of stage and supposed to be covering full stage with breaking moves showing of the new “North Star“.

B-Boy Show-Rez has the first slot to perform on the stage after the display of north star commercial. On the front Display North Start first commercial runs and after it gets over and the beat drops Show-Rez comes from the side stage and starts rocking with the basic grooves and starts the flare which is one of the hardest move in breaking and perfect to show the lightness of the north start.

Show-Rez covers half of the stage with the flare and starts the footwork afterwards and show smoothness of the shoes. Foot work ends up with one back flip and Show-Rez goes back to main entrance where he started with some toprocks.

In the few windmills for hyping the crowed and ends with the halo freeze. Then Show-Rez starts pointing to wards the model who has walk wearing bata’s other addition.

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