What is the Future of Sex Toy and Its Acceptance in India?

future of sex toys in india

Acceptance and future of Sex Toys in India

Let’s discuss about the future of sex toys in India. There has been a lot of misinformation doing rounds around the very term “sex toys India.” It’s time we really understand how and why these sex toys came into the scenario in a country as culturally conservative and orthodox as India. The sex toys have prevailed since eternity in the world but that was not always the case with the Indian subcontinent. The people putting up in the West have been relatively more open and comfortable while discussing sex or nuances related to it in the public domain.

The people of India have always tried to restrict sex within the four walls of a bedroom. This resulted in creation of stigmas and taboos surrounding the term ‘sex’. Anything that was minutely associated with sex comes under scanner and scrutiny if spoken about in public. Indians have really played the card of dual morality pretty well since earlier times. This is because traditionally, India has been known as the land of Kamasutra.

palm leaf manuscript of the Kamasutra text in Sanskrit, Devanagari
Source: Wikipedia | Kamasutra text in Sanskrit, Devanagari

In order to understand what Kamasutra is, one would not be wrong in stating it as guide for different kinds of sex positions one can involve him/herself in to enjoy the activity that one gets into in order to procreate and achieve state of euphoria. In addition to this, India is one of the most populous countries of the world. India is just second to China. Moreover, it is expected that India will get ahead of China in terms of population in an another decade. This fact should come as a shock to many who know how the Indian society tries to suppress anything that is related to one’s sexuality especially to a woman’s sexuality.

It was only after the economic reforms of 1989 driven by the revolutionary forces of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation that people in India could actually properly know about the existence of sex toys in India. Thus, these neo-liberal policies advocated by the Washington Consensus played a big part in advancing the phenomenon of sex toys in India. Therefore, this has been a turning point in the socio-cultural history of the Indian society.

This trend saw a rise in awareness related to sex among Indians. Thus, this gave way to a more open and liberal atmosphere in a democracy like India. This kind of sexual liberation that gave every Indian an equal chance and opportunity without getting scrutinised by the society in which they live. In addition to this, a sea of change occurred within the society’s notions. It would be naive to say that Indians have been totally open and have accepted the phenomenon of sex toys completely. But yes, the roots of the orthodoxical thinking were shook.

With India getting more educated and aware every passing day, it would be very silly to assume that sex toys have a great market prospect in the India. The shackles of orthodoxy have started to break down only for society. This wave of sexual exploration and liberation will drive the nation towards a more prosperous atmosphere for all the individuals putting up in this country.